Essential OSHA Rules for Bathroom Facilities at Construction Sites

OSHA Rules

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government entity that creates rules and regulations that provide safety and well-being standards for workers.

In this blog, we’ll examine the OSHA rules pertaining to the regulation of portable bathroom facilities at construction sites.

OSHA rules on the number of restrooms.

According to OSHA, no less than one bathroom can be allocated to a construction site if the number of employees is greater than 20.

The easiest way to comply with these regulations is to order portable toilets, which are dropped off, managed, and cleaned by our crew of professionals.

Number of employees  Minimum number of facilities
 20 or less 1
 20 or more 1 toilet seat and 1 urinal per 40 workers.
 200 or more 1 toilet seat and 1 urinal per 50 workers.

Portable restrooms kept in unsanitary conditions will not count toward this requirement. Turn to us for this service; we offer weekly maintenance support for all our long-term rentals, guaranteeing that they are kept in a sanitary condition.

The exception.

In accordance with 1915.88(d)(4):

The requirement to provide toilets does not apply to normally unattended worksites and mobile work crews, provided that the employer ensures that employees have immediately available transportation to readily accessible sanitation facilities that are maintained in a clean, sanitary, and serviceable condition and meet the other requirements of this section.”

In short, bathroom requirements do not apply to crews that remain mobile on unattended work sites. However, for convenience reasons, many situations can benefit from temporary portable restrooms.

Cleaning schedule.

Employers must implement a cleaning schedule to ensure that all bathroom facilities are kept in sanitary conditions. We understand that you may not have the time to worry about proper sanitation requirements.

At Rent-A-John, we maintain all units we own to the highest standards to provide the cleanest, best experience for our construction site customers.

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Privacy regulations.

Employers shall provide facility privacy through their portable toilet solutions to ensure each employee is given the proper privacy. Privacy, cleanliness, and convenience are just a few of the standards we strive to provide to each one of our clients.

Planning your restroom needs for your employees and contractors is an important part of the construction process, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Contact us; we’re happy to help walk you through the process and make it easy to manage (910) 791-8333!