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Holiday Party Rentals: Equipment to Make Your Events Jolly 

The holiday season is all about bringing joy and togetherness to our lives. Cherished traditions foster connections and forge lasting memories during family gatherings, office celebrations, and community events. When planning an event, don’t overlook the significance of renting restroom facilities amid guest lists, decorations, and menus. In this article, we’ll discuss why holiday party rentals ensure guest comfort and convenience, making them a wise choice.

Embrace The Season of Comfort and Convenience 

Opt for holiday party restroom rentals to prioritize guest comfort and convenience, a primary consideration for your event’s success. Traditional restroom facilities in a residential setting might not be equipped to handle a larger number of visitors. However, other venues should not be overlooked. Hosting a party away from home can bring challenges, including restroom capacity, quality, and location, just like home gatherings. By renting portable restrooms, you’re offering a dedicated and clean facility that saves your guests from waiting in long lines or experiencing discomfort. 

A Hygenic Holiday 

During the holiday season, prioritizing hygiene becomes crucial due to ongoing health and sanitation concerns. We offer regularly cleaned and sanitized portable restroom and restroom trailer units, equipped with handwashing stations, ensuring your guests enjoy festivities worry-free.

Effortlessly Expand Festivities 

Hosting a holiday party often means welcoming a higher number of people into your home or venue. By renting portable restrooms, you can significantly reduce the foot traffic inside your property, helping you preserve your indoor space from wear and tear. This is especially valuable if you have delicate flooring or valuable decor that you’d like to protect. Although venues can provide peace of mind for hosting, they can be overbooked during the holiday season, meaning restrooms could be overcrowded and unhygienic. No matter the location, feel confident in your guests’ accommodations by having a rental restroom.   

Outdoor Elegance 

Wilmington provides picturesque outdoor settings ideal for holiday gatherings. Whether at the beach, in a park, or a scenic outdoor venue, portable restroom rentals are essential. Trusting on-site restrooms entails risks regarding cleanliness and space. These units can be conveniently positioned in diverse outdoor locations, ensuring your guests have necessary facilities wherever the celebration unfolds.

Holly Jolly Hosting 

Demonstrating thoughtfulness as a host involves going the extra mile to provide high-quality amenities. Renting well-maintained portable restrooms or restroom trailers for your holiday party communicates your commitment to your guests’ comfort and enjoyment. This attention to detail leaves a lasting positive impression and elevates your event experience.

Deck the Halls with Versatility and Variety 

Exploring holiday party restroom rentals in Wilmington, NC reveals a variety of options. Whether for an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, these rentals offer solutions tailored to diverse needs. From basic single units to luxurious restroom trailers with multiple stalls, you can match the perfect fit for your party’s size and style.

Sustainable Seasonal Celebrations 

Many modern portable restroom and restroom trailer companies in Wilmington, NC are committed to sustainability. These units are designed with eco-friendly features, such as low water usage and energy-efficient lighting. By choosing to rent environmentally conscious portable restrooms, you’re not only ensuring the comfort of your guests but also contributing to a greener future. 

Rent-A-John Has your Ho-Ho-Holiday Party Rentals Covered 

As you prepare for your upcoming Wilmington, NC holiday party, prioritize top-notch restroom facilities. Renting portable restrooms or restroom trailers offers numerous benefits, enhancing guest comfort, maintaining hygiene standards, preserving indoor spaces, and accommodating outdoor venues. Impress your guests with meticulous attention to detail and create cherished, memorable experiences. This holiday season, opt for the convenience, versatility, and comfort that holiday party restroom rentals deliver to your celebrations.

Contact us now for a free quote on portable restrooms for your next holiday party. Call 888-44-POTTY or submit a form to place an order today! 

Why You Should Rent Portable Sanitation for Your Summer Events

portable sanitation for summer events handwash stations hand sanitizer stations rent-a-john event rentals wilmington nc

Summer is a season of celebration and joy. It’s also the perfect time to gather with friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors. However, outdoor events come with their own challenges, especially when providing adequate sanitation facilities.  

As you know, inadequate sanitation can lead to a variety of health problems. Renting portable sanitation for your summer events ensures your guests have access to clean, comfortable and convenient facilities. 

In this post, we explain why renting portable sanitation is an excellent way to keep your guests healthy and happy during summer events. 

#1 Improved Hygiene  

Having portable hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer stations available at your event will encourage guests to practice good hygiene. By providing these amenities, you can help reduce the spread of germs and keep everyone healthy. 

Rent-A-John’s Sanitizer Stations are filled with a premium hand sanitizer. The good news: it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, but tough enough to kill 99% of all germs. Now, that’s protection! 

#2 Convenience 

Portable sanitation solutions are convenient for outdoor events. They can be placed anywhere you need them! You’ll never worry about guests searching for a way to clean their hands. Having hand-washing and sanitizer stations readily available will make everyone more comfortable. 

Are you’re serving food at the event? If so, we recommend placing several units nearby so guests can wash up prior to eating. 

#3 Cost-Effective 

Renting portable sanitation is a cost-effective solution and requires minimal maintenance. You won’t have to worry about cleaning crews or additional expenses.  

#4 OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Requirements  

If you have servers, bartenders and others working at your event, you are required to use of portable sanitation to comply with OSHA regulations. Renting these solutions ensures that your event is compliant and safe for your guests. 

#5 Increased Guest Satisfaction 

Happy guests make for a successful event. By providing clean and accessible restrooms and hand-washing stations, guests will feel more comfortable and satisfied. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention to their needs. 

Get Portable Sanitation Rentals for Events from Rent-A-John 

Renting portable sanitation for summer events is a smart decision to keep guests healthy and happy. Not only are they convenient. Hand-washing and hand sanitizer stations are also cost-effective and increase guest satisfaction! There is no reason not to rent these units for your next outdoor event. 

If you’re looking for portable sanitation rentals in Wilmington, NC or nearby, Rent-A-John should be the first place you contact. We work closely with you to find the right solution for your event. Also, we offer same or next day and Saturday service!  

Contact us now for a free quote. Call 888-44-POTTY or get a quote for portable sanitation on our site. 

The Event Planner’s Guide for Renting the Perfect Amount of Portable Restrooms 

In the world of event planning, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun details and forget about the most basic necessity: restrooms. If there aren’t enough or any restrooms on site, renting portable restrooms is the next-best solution.  

Portable restrooms aren’t the most glamorous aspect of the events industry, but they are very important to the attendees and the event workers. Of course, there’s one thing that must be taken into consideration: how many portable restrooms will you need?  

Whether you’re organizing a wedding, a kickball league playoff, or a music festival — the number of people who attend your event determines the number of port-a-potties. But because no two events are alike, determining the exact number can be difficult without knowing the variables that impact your event. 

In this handy guide, anyone planning an event will learn the following: 

  • Considerations to make prior to renting portable restrooms  
  • How many restroom units you should rent for events large and small 
  • How to estimate your needs more precisely 

Let’s get started by diving into things you should consider prior to renting portable restrooms for your upcoming event. 

Getting Started: Event Planning Considerations for Portable Restrooms

We know you’re an ultra-organized event planner. However, it can be challenging to know what sort of information you should provide a vendor to get exactly what you need for your event. Here are some things to consider prior to placing an order for portable restrooms. 

Is your headcount as accurate as possible? 

Headcount is key when determining how many restroom units you will need for any event. Weddings can be a bit easier since the headcount is often fixed. However, large public events can fluctuate wildly. If you can, use similar past events to help inform your estimates. 

Is the event date locked in? 

Knowing the date of your event (or at least a timeframe) ensures that your portable restroom vendor has the number of units you need when you need them. At the very least, knowing the timeframe of the event can help determine the best selection for the season. 

How long is the event? 

An outdoor music festival can last days whereas a wedding and its reception may last up to 12 hours. Knowing the duration of your event will help inform your overall rental rate. Plus, a vendor will need to understand what the cleaning and maintenance needs will be. 

Are you serving alcohol? 

If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, you can count on needing more units. Demand for restrooms increases with alcohol. Once you have a base number of units determined, consider increasing that by 10-to-20% to meet the demand. 

What is the formality of the event? 

Are you planning an ultra-casual wedding or a high-end charity gala or concert? All have their own styles and clothing requirements. Understanding the formality (or lack thereof) helps your vendor offer recommendations on the best units for the event and its guests. 

If you have the answers to these questions, you’re ready to move on to determining how many portable restrooms you should rent for your event. 

Portable Restroom Units: How Many to Rent for Your Event 

Determining exactly how many units to rent for any event is a challenge. Here is a quick and dirty breakdown to help inform your event plans. 

Weddings and Private Events 

The number of guests and the date are locked down, and you know with certainty you need portable restrooms for the event. But how many should you reserve? For the purposes of this post, we define wedding sizes like this: 

  • Small Wedding or Event: Up to 50 Guests 
  • Medium Wedding or Event: 50-150 Guests 
  • Large Wedding or Event: 150-300 Guests 

Note: it’s wise to overestimate how many units you’ll need. That will help your guests avoid long bathroom lines and enjoy your event more. A good rule of thumb: rent at least one portable restroom unit per 50 event guests.  

Small Formal Event Estimates– If your guest list is between 30 and 50 guests, we recommend one portable restroom unit. A standard unit is great for casual weddings and receptions, while an ADA-compliant, handicap-accessible unit offers more room for guests to freshen up and adjust their clothing. 

Medium Formal Event Estimates – For a guest list of this size, a single portable restroom unit is sufficient. However, we recommend erring on the side of caution and renting two units when your headcount lands around 100 guests. For weddings with a guest headcount between 100-150, we recommend a minimum of two units, but three units would be ideal. 

Large Formal Event Estimates – If your guest list is above 150, it would be wise to apply our rule of thumb mentioned above. If you have 300 guests and you rent one unit per 50 guests, that’s a total of six units. 

Public Events 

As you know, public events can range wildly in attendance, making estimates for portable restroom rentals tougher to lock down. This is especially true for free public events that can range in size from 100 attendees to thousands! For a paid event, like a large outdoor concert, it’s slightly easier to estimate a headcount because of the ticket sales.  

Unlike weddings, which typically have a clear start and end, public events can last hours or days. The length of your event is key here. The longer the event, the more units you will need. Are you serving alcohol to guests? As noted above, alcohol consumption drives greater usage and increases the number of portable toilets needed by 10-to-20%. 

Again, we revisit the general rule of thumb: rent at least one portable restroom unit per 50 event guests. 

Cheat Sheet for Renting Portable Restrooms

Don’t want to do the math? Check out the handy cheat sheet below to help you create estimates and ensure you’re renting the right number of units for your event. Have questions? We’re always eager to help our customers find the best solution for their events. Contact us to chat! 

portable restrooms for events event planner's guide to renting portable restrooms wilmington north carolina events weddings festivals galas balls

Which portable toilet units should I rent for my event? 

As you know, the type of units you select will be based on the headcount, the formality of your event, and your budget. At Rent-A-John, we offer a range of units to suit your needs, taste and budget. Here are the units that are most popular for events large and small. 

Restroom Trailer 

While this option is pricier than the standard units, restroom trailers offer a deluxe experience to your guests. These units both look and feel upscale, featuring sinks with running water, lighting, temperature controls, and plenty of space.  

Standard Portable Toilet 

You know them, you love them. These units offer your guests a place to take care of business and then get right back to the event. Rent-A-John’s units are ultra clean and are serviced regularly to keep them that way. 

ADA-Compliant Portable Restrooms 

If you know there will be mobility-impaired guests attending your event, these units provide exactly what those guests need. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, you should have one handicap-accessible restroom for every 20, portable restrooms. The path to these units must be accessible and without curbs, steps or other impediments.

Another benefit: these units provide more space for families with small children! They are also handy at formal events because they give your guests a little extra wiggle room for situating their clothing. 

Rent Portable Restrooms for Your Event from Rent-A-John 

You have put so much time and energy into planning your event; of course, you want it to be a huge success. Ensuring your guests have plenty of places to take care of business ultimately increases their enjoyment. 

At Rent-A-John, we work closely with all of our customers to ensure they have the right rental equipment for their needs. If you’re ready to get a quote, have questions or are ready to place an order, contact us today or call (888) 44-POTTY! 

The 3 Pieces of Rental Equipment You Need at Your 2023 Event 

Planning a large public event in 2023? Whether it’s a marathon, a huge outdoor concert or a big craft fair, you need equipment that’s going to make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Here are the three pieces of rental equipment you should have at any 2023 event. 

Portable Toilets  

Portable restrooms come in all shapes and sizes: standard, handicap-accessible, or even a portable restroom trailer. The portable toilet option you choose is largely dependent on your budget and the type of event. The number of attendees matters, too! But there is truly a portable restroom option for any type of event. 

In addition to being environmentally friendly and easy on your wallet, they’re also easy to maintain and clean. At Rent-A-John, we offer weekly cleaning of our restroom units. However, we can always work with our clients to add more cleanings to keep the units in tip-top shape. That way, you can offer guests the best experience possible! 

Portable Hand Washing Stations 

Large events have a lot of attendees, and each attendee has two hands. That’s a whole lot of potential for germs to spread. Hand washing stations can be placed near rented portable toilets to prevent the spread of diseases and illnesses at your event. 

Our premier hand wash stations have a 60-gallon capacity and hands-free pumping using foot pump operation. These stations are easy to maintain and perfect for large events.    

Hand Sanitizer Stations 

Hand sanitizer stations are a must-have for any event in 2023. This is especially true if there will be a lot of food and beverages for guests to partake in. Hand sanitizer makes it easy for event attendees to clean their hands quickly and efficiently, helping you avoid to keep germs and illness at bay. 

To ensure that your guests are always able to clean their hands, we recommend placing these units close to your food vendors’ stations and at every entrance and exit. That way, guests can sanitize often and forget about taking the germs home with them when they leave.  

Successful Events in 2023 Start with the Right Rental Equipment 

In 2023, people expect ways to tidy up at large events. When you rent these items, you’re showing your attendees you care about their safety and comfort. You want them to have a great time at your event. By planning ahead and making sure you have the right equipment, your event will be a big success.  

Rent-A-John is the premier supplier of sanitary rental equipment for large events, movie sets, and concerts in and around Wilmington, NC. Ready to reserve rental equipment for your event? Click here to learn more or call (888) 44-POTTY.  

3 Reasons Your Holiday Events Need Hand Sanitizer Stations 

holiday tree lighting holiday events hand sanitizer stations Wilmington NC Rent A John

If you’re in charge of planning a holiday event, you might be wondering what the best ways are to keep your guests healthy and happy. Of course, one of the easiest ways is to make sure they have access to hand sanitizer stations! But why? 

Let’s look at three reasons why your holiday events need hand sanitizer stations: 

Protects Your Guests from Getting Sick 

One of the best things about hand sanitizer stations is that they are a great way to show your guests that you care about their health. And with experts warning of a particularly dangerous flu season this winter, clean hands are more important than ever. 

If there is one thing everyone hates, it’s getting sick during a holiday event that impacts their schedule. By providing your guests with a convenient way to clean their hands, you are showing that you care about their health and safety at your event. 

They are Affordable to Rent 

Sanitizer stations are affordable to rent for holiday events. These units can be rented for a day or for a week or longer! The cost will vary depending on the number of people attending your holiday event and the number of units you need.  

Rent-A-John offers affordable hand sanitizer stations that are easy to use; we fill the dispensers with the sanitizer and you’re ready to go! Also, we will deliver them right to your event site and even refill them when needed. 

Gives Events a Professional Touch 

When you’re hosting a large holiday event, you want it to look professional. Sanitizer stations can help you achieve this goal by giving your guests a way to clean their hands when they enter and leave the venue. You can provide these stations at all of your entrances, or just select locations where people will spend a lot of time.  

If your event includes several buffets, food vendors or is otherwise centered around food and drinks, consider placing sanitizer stations throughout the venue so guests can clean their hands as much as they please. 

These types of amenities give events a polished appearance and make them feel more like professional conferences rather than casual parties that someone threw together on the fly.  

Rent Hand Sanitizer Stations for All Your Holiday Events 

So, why should you consider hand sanitizer stations for your next event? There are so many benefits to consider, from ensuring that all guests are able to wash their hands before eating or entering the venue.  

It’s also a great way to give your event a professional feel while keeping costs low by renting affordable products instead of buying them outright. With so many reasons why hand sanitizer stations are perfect for any kind of holiday party or celebration, we hope you’ve found something new here! 

Rent-A-John is ready to make your holiday event extra holly jolly. If you’re ready to reserve your hand sanitizer stations, call us at (888) 44-POTTY or visit our site to get a free quote.