5 Reasons to Rent a Portable Restroom Trailer for Any Occasion

Portable restroom trailers are gaining in popularity and necessity for all sorts of occasions. Our restroom trailers solve issues like lines to the bathroom or avoiding wandering through your home. Our restroom trailer brings it to the next level with the amenities that offer your guests a comfortable and clean space to take care of business. Containing storage, private stalls, flushable toilets, temperature controls and music, your guests will be more than happy. In this post we are revealing the reason our portable restrooms are a necessity at your next event. 

Elevated Experience

Our restroom trailers are modern and comfortable, which ensures an enjoyable experience. They are designed to provide the same luxury experience as a residential restroom while offering a convenient and private place for guests to freshen up. The interior finishes are upscale and tasteful, topped off with vanity lighting and mirrors. These amenities allow guests to freshen up in a clean and sanitized environment. 

Year-Round Availability

With heating and cooling, our restroom trailers are useful year-round despite the weather. Temperature controls allow you and your guests to decide on what a comfortable setting is for your event. Paired with fully functioning heated sinks, your guests will have a pleasurable experience, no matter the location or time of year. 


Having a restroom that is clean and sanitized for your guests is important in providing an environment they feel comfortable in. The fixtures in the restroom trailers are built with waterproof materials as well as having hardwood floors throughout. This provides a clean environment even while being used, because of their water-resistant heavy use materials, it doesn’t matter if your guests are messy. Not having to worry about your guests having a clean restroom is a stress that can be avoided with our restroom trailers.  


Our portable restrooms provide a spacious layout that entails stalls and sinks all located within the trailer. Whether your guests are in formal or casual clothing, our restroom trailer can accommodate them comfortably. Families – especially those with young children – love restroom trailers because of their spaciousness. They are able to help their children use the restroom or change a diaper quickly and easily.  


Restroom trailers are portable and can go wherever the party is happening. We provide delivery, pickup, installation, and disposal of wastewater. Our services can also include special attendants upon request. Giving these responsibilities to us allows your restroom issues to be out of your mind the moment you book it. The restroom trailers are also stocked with plenty of paper towels and soap in the dispensers.  


The ease of renting a restroom trailer for your parties or events gives you peace of mind by allowing you to focus on other things, knowing we have you covered. Hosting an event, party, or even a wedding can be very stressful. The portable restrooms and restroom trailers from Rent-A-John are modern, thoroughly sanitized, well-stocked, and ready for all your occasions.  

We are here to help you ensure your guests have a positive experience at your special event. Our portable toilets come in a variety of sizes which all provide the continuity of a clean and enjoyable affair. Click the order form below to begin the process and take another thing off the list in planning your event.