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Answered! Questions About Portable Toilets You’re Afraid to Ask

questions about portable toilets.

When it comes to planning events or managing construction sites, one crucial aspect often goes unnoticed until the last minute: sanitation. Portable toilets are the unsung heroes in these scenarios, but how much do you really know about them? Here are some key questions about portable toilets to consider: 

What Types of Portable Toilets Are Available?  

The variety of portable toilets is surprising. From standard units ideal for construction sites to luxury models perfect for upscale events, there’s a type for every need. But what differentiates a standard portable toilet from a deluxe one? Understanding the different types and their features can help you make an informed decision. 

How Do You Determine the Number of Toilets Needed?  

This is a common question, especially for large events. The general rule is to have one toilet for every 50 people, but this can vary. Factors like the duration of the event and alcohol consumption can increase usage. For a detailed breakdown, check out this event planning guide. 

What About Sanitation and Maintenance? 

 Cleanliness is a top priority. Reputable rental companies like Rent-A-John ensure their units are well-maintained and sanitized. But what does this process involve? Regular cleaning, restocking supplies, and waste removal are all part of the maintenance routine to keep these facilities hygienic. 

How Do Portable Toilets Accommodate Special Needs?  

Accessibility is crucial. Wheelchair-accessible units are wider, with ground-level entry and handrails. It’s not just about compliance with laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act; it’s about inclusivity and ensuring everyone has access to essential facilities.

Why Are Portable Toilets Essential for Events and Construction Sites? 

For Events: Portable toilets are crucial for a wide range of events, including music festivals, outdoor weddings, sporting events, and fairs. But why are they so important? They provide a convenient and hygienic solution for attendees, which is key to ensuring the event experience is enjoyable and comfortable. When planning for portable toilets at events, what should you consider? It’s essential to think about the expected number of attendees, the event’s duration, and the existing facilities at the venue. These factors help in determining the adequate number and type of portable toilets needed to accommodate all guests comfortably. 

For Construction Sites: Why are portable toilets a necessity at construction sites? In many construction settings, traditional restroom facilities are either unavailable or impractical. Portable toilets play a vital role in supporting the health and productivity of the workforce. They offer easy access to sanitation facilities, which is crucial in maintaining a steady work process. What should be considered for their placement and maintenance? The correct placement and regular maintenance of portable toilets are key to ensuring a safe and efficient work environment. This involves strategically positioning them for accessibility and ensuring they are regularly cleaned and serviced. 

What Should You Look for in a Portable Toilet Rental Company?  

When choosing a rental company, consider their reputation, range of options, and commitment to service. A company like Rent-A-John not only offers a variety of portable toilets but also prioritizes customer satisfaction and reliability. 

How Do You Choose the Right Portable Toilet for Your Needs?  

When selecting the perfect portable toilet, be it for an event or a construction site, there are several critical factors to consider. It’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate your specific needs, considering aspects such as the estimated number of users, the event’s duration, or the construction project’s scope. 

For events, it’s important to align both the quantity and type of portable toilets with the expected attendance. For larger gatherings, explore upscale options that offer additional amenities, ensuring a luxurious experience for attendees. On the other hand, for smaller gatherings, standard units may suffice. 

In construction environments, it’s essential to consider factors like the number of workers, the project’s duration, and the work site’s conditions. Remember to include wheelchair-accessible units to promote inclusivity and adhere to compliance regulations. 

By meticulously matching the portable toilet facilities to the specific requirements of your event or project, you can guarantee an optimal restroom experience for all users. 

Choose Rent-A-John for Your Portable Toilet Needs! 

Portable toilets are a vital component of any outdoor event or construction project. They ensure comfort, hygiene, and convenience for all users. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large festival, understanding these key aspects of portable toilets will help you provide the best facilities for your guests or workers. 

If you have more questions or need assistance in choosing the right portable toilets for your needs, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Our dedicated team at Rent-A-John provides top-notch service and solutions for all your portable sanitation requirements. 

3 Fantastic Reasons to Rent Portable Restrooms for Your Construction Site

Construction sites are busy and complex work environments that require a lot of coordination and planning to run smoothly. One of the most essential aspects of any construction site is the provision of restroom facilities for workers. But how much of an impact do they really make?

In this article, we’ll explore three key reasons construction project managers should rent portable restrooms for the site. 

#1 Improved Health and Safety 

One of the most critical reasons to rent portable restroom units on a construction site is to promote health and safety. Workers need to stay hydrated, and this means they will need to use the restroom regularly.  

If there are no restroom facilities available, workers may be tempted to use areas of the site that are not intended for that purpose, such as behind equipment or in areas with no privacy. This can lead to health hazards, such as the spread of germs and bacteria, and can also create safety hazards, such as slips and falls. 

By providing portable restroom units, you can help keep your workers healthy and safe. Workers will have a clean and hygienic place to use the restroom, reducing the risk of spreading germs and bacteria. Additionally, portable restrooms are often designed to be slip-resistant and have adequate lighting, reducing the risk of slips and falls. 

Want an added measure of cleanliness? Portable handwashing stations give the team a place to wash up after using the restroom! 

#2. Increased Productivity 

Another reason to rent portable restroom units is to increase productivity. When workers must leave the job site to find a restroom, it can take valuable time away from the job at hand. This lost time can add up quickly and can impact productivity. 

By having portable restroom units on site, workers can take care of business without leaving the job site. This helps keep workers on task and minimizes the time lost to restroom breaks. Additionally, when workers have easy access to restroom facilities, they are more likely to stay hydrated, which can also improve their productivity. 

#3. Compliance with Regulations 

Having portable restroom units on a construction site is often required by law. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific regulations regarding the provision of restroom facilities on construction sites. These regulations require that employers provide enough restroom facilities for the number of workers on site, as well as ensuring that the facilities are clean and well-maintained. 

Providing portable restroom units on your construction site ensures that you are complying with OSHA regulations. This can help you avoid fines and penalties, as well as ensure that your workers are working in a safe and healthy environment. 

Portable Restroom Options for Construction Sites 

It may seem that any porta potty would work well for a job site, but some options are better than others. Check out our blog post, “Portable Toilet Options: Which is Right for You” for more information on the right portable restroom for your needs.   

Rent Portable Restrooms for Your Construction Site from Rent-A-John 

Portable restroom units are an essential aspect of any construction site. They promote health and safety, increase productivity and help ensure compliance with regulations. By providing these facilities on your construction site, you can help create a safe and productive work environment for your workers. 

Ready to book your porta potty units? Rent-A-John offers a range of portable toilet options that are perfect for construction job sites. Call us at (888) 44-POTTY or request a free quote to get started.   

Portable Toilet Options: Which is Right for You?  

Portable toilet options which is right for you Rent A John portable toilet rental Wilmington North Carolina

If you’re in the market for a portable toilet, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with how many options are out there. Not only do you have many styles to choose from, but you may wonder which option is best for your situation. 

From the standard porta potty to deluxe versions, we’re breaking down the array of portable toilet options that are available for your public event, wedding, formal fundraiser, construction site, and more. 

The Fancy Option: Portable Restroom Trailers 

Portable restroom trailers provide all the functionality of your traditional portable toilets but with the luxury of your home bathroom. Although this is not the best solution for work zones, portable restroom trailers provide on-demand bathroom access for weddings or other formal events.  

“Luxury” and “portable toilet” are two terms that rarely see one another’s company. However, these trailers come furnished with hardwood floors, high-quality sinks, artwork, and full mirrors.  

Check out our Executive Restroom Trailer to learn more! 

The Trusty Standard: Porta Potties 

The design of the standard Porta-potty has largely gone untouched and for good reason. These functional, easy-to-move units provide toilet access with an optional instant hand sanitizer.  

If you’re hosting a large public event like a concert or a marathon, or if you need to add restrooms to a construction worksite, the standard portable toilet units are the way to go. 

This unit is Rent-A-John’s most economical solution. To read more specifications on the standard porta potty, click here

The Rooftop Option: Lifting Sling Portable Toilets 

The lifting sling portable toilet model has the same dimensions and features as a standard unit. However, this unit also has a lifting system installed.  

This solution is perfect for rooftops and brings the restroom to your workers, saving you time and money. Learn more about lifting sling portable toilets now. 

The Ultra-Portable Option: Poly Lift Portable Toilets 

Similar to the lifting sling unit, you can crane the poly lift portable toilet to rooftops and other building levels for easy worksite access. The fundamental difference though is that the poly lift unit is on wheels, making it possible to roll a portable toilet on and off the site and into elevators!  

Check out our poly lift portable toilets now. 

There are Portable Toilet Options for Every Scenario 

Whether you are knee-deep in planning a public event or are looking for a portable restroom solution for your worksite, it’s good to know there are options available for almost any type of scenario. 

Let Rent-A-John be your one-stop shop for sanitation facilities and more! Click here to learn more about our services and toilets. 

Essential OSHA Rules for Bathroom Facilities at Construction Sites

OSHA Rules

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government entity that creates rules and regulations that provide safety and well-being standards for workers.

In this blog, we’ll examine the OSHA rules pertaining to the regulation of portable bathroom facilities at construction sites.

OSHA rules on the number of restrooms.

According to OSHA, no less than one bathroom can be allocated to a construction site if the number of employees is greater than 20.

The easiest way to comply with these regulations is to order portable toilets, which are dropped off, managed, and cleaned by our crew of professionals.

Number of employees  Minimum number of facilities
 20 or less 1
 20 or more 1 toilet seat and 1 urinal per 40 workers.
 200 or more 1 toilet seat and 1 urinal per 50 workers.

Portable restrooms kept in unsanitary conditions will not count toward this requirement. Turn to us for this service; we offer weekly maintenance support for all our long-term rentals, guaranteeing that they are kept in a sanitary condition.

The exception.

In accordance with 1915.88(d)(4):

The requirement to provide toilets does not apply to normally unattended worksites and mobile work crews, provided that the employer ensures that employees have immediately available transportation to readily accessible sanitation facilities that are maintained in a clean, sanitary, and serviceable condition and meet the other requirements of this section.”

In short, bathroom requirements do not apply to crews that remain mobile on unattended work sites. However, for convenience reasons, many situations can benefit from temporary portable restrooms.

Cleaning schedule.

Employers must implement a cleaning schedule to ensure that all bathroom facilities are kept in sanitary conditions. We understand that you may not have the time to worry about proper sanitation requirements.

At Rent-A-John, we maintain all units we own to the highest standards to provide the cleanest, best experience for our construction site customers.

[Believe it or not, not all portable toilets are alike. Click here to find out the differences.]

Privacy regulations.

Employers shall provide facility privacy through their portable toilet solutions to ensure each employee is given the proper privacy. Privacy, cleanliness, and convenience are just a few of the standards we strive to provide to each one of our clients.

Planning your restroom needs for your employees and contractors is an important part of the construction process, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Contact us; we’re happy to help walk you through the process and make it easy to manage (910) 791-8333!