The Top 4 Benefits of Renting Portable Outside Restrooms

Outdoor Restrooms

There are a vast number of reasons for renting portable outside restrooms. From large outdoor events to movie sets, from construction sites to block parties, you’d be amazed at all the situations where a porta potty comes in handy. So, what makes this toilet option so appealing?

If you’re considering porta potty rental options, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we reveal some of the key benefits our customers experience when renting portable outside restrooms. Let’s get started!

Key Benefits of Renting Portable Outside Restrooms

They Safeguard Your Private Restrooms

Perhaps you’re having an outdoor wedding reception at your home. Or maybe you finally get to do the home remodel of your dreams. No matter the reason, sometimes a temporary restroom solution is called for.

When remodeling, there could be stretches of time that the main waterline is shut off. Also, we don’t advise the use of a personal restroom for a big event. The plumbing for residential toilets wasn’t built to handle of influx of usage. And this can lead to costly sewage issues.

During these times, a short-term restroom rental makes all the difference.

They Offer Flexibility

The very nature of a portable restroom is flexibility. Therefore, you are able to place them just about anywhere that suits your needs. At Rent-A-John, we work closely with you to create a tailored solution. From helping you find an out-of-photos location to calculating how many portable toilets you need for your party, event or worksite – we’re here for you.

They are Convenient

Sometimes it’s a haul to find a restroom at a large event or big construction site. Don’t make your guests or crew members struggle to find a place to go. Portable outside restrooms can be just footsteps away from high-traffic areas, providing guests or workers a handy way to relieve themselves.

They are Cost-Effective

Have you considered renting out a building near your event or worksite specifically for bathroom access? Don’t do it! You can get much more bang for your buck when renting porta potties.

Reserve Portable Outside Restrooms with Rent-A-John

Our customers come to us for solutions to a wide variety of situations. We pride ourselves in finding unique solutions for each customer. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, hosting a large party or need a seasonal restroom for your pool or other area, we can help.

Whatever your needs are for seasonal, party or renovation restroom options we would love to help. Ask us for a custom Rent-A-John estimate.