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Fresh Water Tanks (Non-Potable Tank)

Fresh Water Tank

Our non-potable fresh water delivery system is specifically designed for use with office trailer toilets or permanently installed sink fixtures. We offer this fresh water system in 250-300 gallons. This is a perfect tool to add a ‘flush’ option to your portable toilets or trailer. Your guests will appreciate the additional convenience of the fresh water tank.

If more fresh water capacity is needed, the Water Works™ Auxiliary Tank can be used to double the capacity. The addition of a 250 or 300-gallon holding tank provides complete sanitation service to any trailer or mobile office.

Key Facts

  • 100 to 200-gallon Capacity
  • Semi-transparent Water Storage Allows You to Easily See Fill Level
  • Mounted on Skid for Easy Transport

Available Services

  • Delivery & Pickup
  • Disposal of Wastewater


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