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Storm Cleanup: 5 Reasons to Rent a Roll-Off After a Hurricane

In Eastern North Carolina, hurricane season is in full swing. As you know, a hurricane can crop up at any time which means storm cleanup is inevitable. Roll-off containers are a great way to clean up the mess hurricanes leave in their wake, and perhaps the best way. In this blog post, we will explain why we don’t mess around with post-storm debris and why you shouldn’t either. 


The aftermath of a hurricane can be dangerous, and the debris can be a real hazard. Ignoring or waiting to dispose of debris can be unsafe for you and your family. Without a roll-off container you could be left with the damage for weeks. Storm clean-up is crucial to ensure the health and safety of yourself and loved ones while helping you prevent further damage. 

City Directives

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) helps with storm cleanup that poses a risk to public health or public property. But who is looking out for your home and private property?  

While there will be clean up stations down the line, it is your responsibility to dispose of the waste on your property. A roll-off dumpster is the ideal solution for tidying up your property after a storm. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides clarity on how to do so.  


Debris from a hurricane can include damage inside your home, including carpeting or windows and more. In your lawn, you may need to dispose of natural debris like tree limbs or other yard waste. A roll-off container is crucial for storm cleanup, allowing you to dispose of various types of waste.  

With a roll-off container, you can dispose of debris, scrap metal, and much more. Getting rid of possibly harmful or hazardous waste is the first step in storm cleanup. 


Whether you were heavily impacted or just need some help with debris, we have the right sized roll off for you. Rent-A-John offers roll-off containers in a range of sizes: 15, 20, and 30 yards., Having trouble selecting a size? We are happy to advise you on the best size based on the affected area. With our drop-off and pick-up service, the only thing you will have to worry about is your family. 

Garbage Service Regulations

After a hurricane or natural disaster, garbage services are often unable to operate for several days. This delay can leave you with quite a mess to deal with. Also, garbage services have limitations on what they can pick up. Like natural yard waste. In addition, these services are unlikely to operate outside of normal collection times.  

In the aftermath of a storm, the volume of trash tends to increase. This is something to keep in mind when wondering how you will handle debris in your area.  


Keeping your home and property safe after a hurricane is important, and that makes it important to us. Renting a roll-off dumpster for storm cleanup can be a tremendous help, and even necessary. We make it convenient and easy for you since this is the last thing you should be worried about after a harsh storm.  

If you have storm cleanup to deal with or other cleanup needs, call us at 888-44-POTTY or visit our site to learn more.